Support Students

Support Students

The Foundation generates support to enhance student success and campus growth through multiple initiatives:



Campus Partnerships


The Foundation raises funds from businesses, private foundations, and generous people. Some give monthly through out Condor Club, others contribute to specific funds or programs, and others provide unrestricted gifts. No matter where each dollar goes or how much is contributed, every donation strengthens the entire school community.

The Community Marketplace is open to the public on Sundays. It’s a great way to find fun gifts, everyday household items, and food. Income from the marketplace funds student merit-based scholarships and basic needs grants.

It takes a village to foster student success and reach the highest of goals. The Foundation believes in collaborations and helping campus programs reach their potential.

Past Oxnard College students are the lifeblood of this fine institution. The Foundation teams with campus programs to reconnect with alumni to create opportunities and recognition. From celebrating achievements to mentoring current students to providing financial support, alumni relations is a vital component to campus culture.