Members of the Condor Club illustrate their charitable support of the Oxnard College Foundation mission through monthly donations or employee payroll deductions. Contributions may be restricted to specific programs or scholarship grants, or may be unrestricted support. Below are current Condor Club members. Become a Condor Club member today by creating a monthly recurring subscription.

Karla Banks
America Barroso
Robert Cabral
Oscar Cobian
Marlene Dean
Maria Flores
Luis Gonzalez
Alan Hayashi
Marcella Klein Williams
Maria Lopez
Jose Maldonado
Cheryl Manley-Orm
Charles Maxey
Deanna McFadden
Leticia Mojica
Robert Morris
Pete Parker
Charles Ramirez
Everardo Rivera
Luis Sanchez
Matilde Sanchez
Sylvia Schnopp
Carey Smith
Pamela Strange
Catalina Yang
Juan Zuniga Olea